What Asset Based Finance Could Do For Your Company

Your company is facing a variety of challenges – many of them tend to be business financing related. The challenges can be positive in nature, and some might pose serious threats to your business growth or even existence. How asset can based finance aid your firm in allowing you to generate the working capital and cash flow you need to prosper and grow, let alone survive?Asset based financed helps your firm in both good time and challenging times. The reality is that most business owners and financial managers in Canada currently don’t think we are in ‘good times ‘and business financing continues to be a huge challenge.Asset based finance comes in a variety of forms – it is commonly in the industry itself referred to as ‘ ABL ‘ financing, and typically your firm would negotiate what is simply or commonly known as an asset based line of credit. The facility provides you with a revolving line of credit very similar to a chartered bank facility – it might also include a significant inventory financing component, and usually address what we could best call special needs or special situations re: turnarounds, growth, distress, etc.The best candidate for an asset based finance line of credit is a firm that is experiencing strong growth but can’t attract the traditional capital that is used to finance receivables, inventory, plant and equipment, and even in some cases real estate.An asset based line of credit can best be described as a ‘creative’ financing solution – that is because it takes your balance sheet and finances it to the desired ‘max’ based upon your different asset components. In some cases even intellectual property or patents might be included in the overall financing, although that clearly is not the norm.Pricing in Canada on asset based lines of credit is all over the map – We tell clients they can expect to pay anywhere near a point or two over prime up to an including 1.5-2% per month. What defines that huge difference in pricing is what our clients are always asking. The answer is that that there are different what we will call ‘ tiers ‘ in ABL lending in Canada, and the overall size and deal quality of your firm will ultimately drive you to an asset based finance partner that more closely matches your needs and your overall ‘ risk profile ‘.The reality is that asset based finance has somewhat changed the overall face of business financing in Canada and more and more firms, both large and small are gravitating to this form of finance. Deal sizes in Canada vary greatly – we do not encourage clients who have an under 250k/mo need to explore asset based finance because at a certain point the reporting, costs, etc done make sense for neither your firm or the ABL lender.Asset based lending margins your assets to the extend of their current market value. Inventory financing is a major component of your facility if you require that, and inventory financing in Canada, from traditional sources, is difficult to arrange.Is there any downside in asset based lending and an ABL working capital facility? Our clients ask. With relative certainty we can say any downside is significantly offset by upside. The facility gives you almost unlimited working capital, and margins assets that might otherwise not be finance able. And don;t forget, this type of facility does not add debt to your balance sheet, you are simply monetizing your hard and in some cases soft assets.Speak to a trusted, credible and experience advisor in asset based lending who can highlight financing options that make sense for your firm’s survival and growth.

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Find The Perfect Motivational and Conference Speakers with Promotive

Are you looking for that perfect motivational speaker who can get your team motivated and inspired? Or do you need an experienced and knowledgeable conference speaker to provide insights into your industry? Look no further than Promotive – the ultimate platform when it comes to finding speakers for any occasion! In this article, we’ll explore the advantages of using Promotive and how it can help you find the perfect speakers for your next event.

Introduction to Promotivate and What They Offer

Promotivate is a motivational and conference speaking company that offers a wide range of services to help you find the perfect speaker for your needs. They have a database of over 1,000 speakers, so you’re sure to find one that fits your event perfectly.

Promotivate offers a number of different services to help you find the perfect speaker for your event. They offer a Speaker Matching service, which allows you to search their database of speakers by keyword, topic, or name. This ensures that you’ll be able to find a speaker who covers the topics you’re interested in and who will be a good fit for your audience.

If you’re looking for motivational or conference speakers, Promotivate is a great option. Their wide range of services ensures that you’ll be able to find the perfect speaker for your event, and their experienced consultants will make sure that you get the most out of their services.

Types of Motivational and Conference Speakers

When it comes to finding the perfect motivational and conference speakers, there are many different types to choose from. Here is a closer look at some of the most popular types of motivational and conference speakers:

Motivational Speakers: These types of speakers are typically brought in to inspire and motivate employees or teams. They often share their own personal stories of success and overcoming adversity.
Business Leaders: Business leaders make great conference speakers as they can provide insights and tips on how to succeed in business. They also offer a unique perspective on the challenges faced by businesses today.
Educational Speakers: Educational speakers can provide valuable information on a variety of topics, such as history, science, or even literature. They often share their knowledge in an engaging and entertaining way that keeps audiences engaged.
Celebrity Speakers: Celebrity speakers are always a hit with audiences, especially if they are well-known for their work in a particular field or industry. They can bring star power to your event and help attract more attendees.
Sports Figures: Sports figures make great motivational and conference speakers as they can share stories of determination and perseverance. Their experiences can inspire others to achieve their goals, both on and off the playing field

Promotive makes it easy to find the perfect motivational and conference speakers. With its comprehensive database of hundreds of different professional speakers, you can search for the speaker that best fits your needs. From inspiring stories to helpful business advice, Promotive has a wide array of options for any event or occasion. With such an extensive selection available, you’re sure to find the perfect speaker for your next meeting or gathering!